Reasons Why Blackjack Dealers Always Win

Most blackjack players believe that the blackjack dealer always wins the game. despite the fact that blackjack has a low house edge. This makes them think maybe the house is manipulating the results of the game. Manipulation of results is only possible at rogue casinos. The reality is that blackjack dealers do not always win, but they might win a disproportionate number of times in the game. This is because the casino always has an edge over the players. In this article, we will mention some factors that increase the chances of Blackjack dealers winning the hand.

Inexperienced Player And Dealer Using Continuous Shuffling Machine

The game of blackjack requires a lot of skills and expertise to win. Many players joined an online casino and started playing blackjack without any knowledge of how the game works. Blackjack has some strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning. You need to learn the rules of the game before you start playing. If not, you will be giving the dealer a better chance of winning the game. Playing free blackjack is one of the best ways to learn how the game works. You will learn about the various strategies that you can use to improve your winning chances.

It's widely believed that professional blackjack card counters can increase their odds of winning. However, the continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) at most casinos usually makes it difficult for players to count cards. Additionally, the game is played very fast, which increases the number of hands played in an hour. The CSM uses both a dealing shoe and an automatic shuffler. So when a game round is done, the dealer inserts the cards back into the machine and gets them reshuffled along with the other cards. This exposes more of the player's bankroll to the casino house edge.

Following A Blackjack Betting System

Another reason players lose and blackjack dealers seem to win every time is that players follow a certain blackjack betting system. Players need to know that these betting systems have their benefits and downsides. One of the downsides is that betting systems usually increase the house edge, giving the house more advantage over the players. One of these betting systems is the Martingale betting strategy. This is a negative betting system that requires you to double your bet each time you lose. Other negative betting systems that can increase the dealer's chances of winning their hand include:

  • Fibonacci System
  • D'Alembert System
  • Labouchere System

The betting system aims to ensure that the player does not stay behind for too long and win at least one hand. However, the truth is that this betting system usually works against the blackjack player, especially those that have been playing for a long time. If a player has been betting for a long time, they will quickly run out of money and might not meet the table max anymore. When this happens, they won't be able to double their bet, even if that would have been their winning chance. So we recommend that you avoid these negative betting systems.

Playing When You Are In A Bad Condition

There are several other reasons why blackjack dealers will always win. First, playing the game of blackjack requires a sound mind. A blackjack player must have a clear mind to make a better playing decision before proceeding to play the game. If you know you just had a long journey or had too much to drink, it's better you avoid playing blackjack with real money until your head clears. It's difficult to see a drunk player win at a blackjack table. When you are not in the right state of mind, the casino tends to make more profits.